Maintenance & Repair

Do you have an L60, L70, L90, L110 or L120 Volvo machine? We provide maintenance of these machines and repair or replace defective parts. We do this in our workshop but also at your place of work or company. We supply used and new shovel loaders and parts for all Volvo machines at a competitive price.

We have an extensive network of national and international suppliers and you benefit from our favourable purchasing prices for Volvo parts. For the repair work, our mechanic will come to your location on request.

Experienced Volvo mechanic

Do you need parts for your Volvo machine? Order your Volvo parts from us and let our mechanic repair your machine. He has years of experience working on Volvo machines and is familiar with all the ins and outs of these machines. You will get a reliable specialist at home or company, who will work quickly and efficiently and professionally repair your shovel loaders. Before you know it, your Volvo machine will be up and running again.

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Is your Volvo machine stationary at the moment? Don't wait any longer, because time is money. Contact your Volvo specialist today!

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